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The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing

Improving Long Run Investment Performance

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Stock Picking Competition

Come view the final round of our Stock Picking Competition to be held on April 18th in Toronto, ON

Value Investing Conference

The Ben Graham Centre's Value Investing Conference to be held on April 19th in Toronto, ON

Value Investing Seminar

A highly sought after five day seminar on Value Investing  to be held on July 17-21 in Toronto, ON

Investing Symposium

Our academic Symposium on Intelligent Investing to be held on May 19th in London, ON

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events held by the Ben Graham Centre.



Recent Centre events and news related to value investing.



Video recordings from various speeches by prominent value investors.

In the News

George Athanassakos | Are we on the verge of a stock market crash?

  Feb 15, 2017

In a piece for The Globe and Mail, Professor George Athanassakos discusses the odds of a U.S. stock market crash.

Peter Kaufman, CEO, Glenair Inc. Speaks to Dr. Athanassakos' Value Investing Classes

  Jan 27, 2017

Mr. Peter Kauffman, Chairman & CEO, Glenair Inc., Glendale, California spoke to Professor Athanassakos' Value Investing classes via teleconference.

George Athanassakos | The real reason the bond bear market is here to stay

  Jan 13, 2017

In a piece for the Globe and Mail, Ivey finance professor George Athanassaskos says the end of the bull market in bonds has nothing do with Donald Trump’s election but more to do with demographics.