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Many of the disciples of Ben Graham and the leaders in the area of value investing are aging. To ensure that these pioneers and their philosophies are captured forever, the Richard Ivey School of Business, under the guidance of Professor George Athanassakos, holder of the Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing, is delighted to present the Burgundy Asset Management Resource Centre.

This page intends to preserve the thoughts, ideas and investing philosophies of value investors, especially those of value investor icons such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Irving Kahn, Walter Schloss, Mario Gabelli, Glenn Greenberg, Robert Heilbrum, Seth Klarman, Michael Price, Paul Sonkin, Charles Brandes, and others. It is repository for information on value investing, where value investors' thoughts, teachings, writings, investing styles and research are preserved. It also includes readings, books, academic research on value investing themes, and a library with video of value investor lectures, presentations and speeches, as well as a database of company financials and related real time and historical stock market data and a database with Canadian value investing funds and their performance.

Ben Graham Collection

Black & Scholes Options Model Calculator

Books & Other Readings

Equity & Bond Screener

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Interviews & Notes

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US & Canadian Company Financials Database

Videos: Guest Speakers and Conferences

Thanks to Burgundy Asset Management for their vision and generous support of the Resource Centre, which benefits practitioners and scholars worldwide.