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Value Investing Student Projects & Winners

Value Investing Student Projects

At the end of the term, each student group in the HBA and MBA Value Investing Program independently chooses an actual company (from Canada or elsewhere in the world) based on the Value Investing search process and criteria taught in class. The students then carry out a value investing approach to valuing the particular company and finally make a buy (at what price) or not buy recommendation. The process, the valuation and the recommendation are submitted in the form of a report to Dr. George Athanassakos. The valuation reports are a maximum of 10 pages (double-spaced) plus exhibits.  Summaries of the student reports, including the students’ recommendation, the rationale of the recommendation, the date of the recommendation and the performance of the recommended stock since the date of the report, are posted on the web site and can be accessed only by Ivey students. The general public can access another password protected area where they can view the stocks that students examined (i.e., the stocks identified by students as possibly undervalued), without specific information about intrinsic value, entry price and recommendation to buy or not (i.e., the stocks that are found by students to be truly undervalued and recommended are not revealed). To read a research paper detailing the investment decision process taught in Dr. Athanassakos’ value investing classes, and followed by students in analyzing stocks, as well as to check the performance of such investing decision making process, click here.

To gain access to the password protected pages, please contact us. Please note: Passwords are reset annually.

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Value Investing Student Project Winners

At the end of the term, each student group in the HBA and MBA classes has to produce a value investing report on an actual company chosen by the students. The value investing project reports are graded by Dr. George Athanassakos based on the quality of the search process, valuation, rationale and recommendation. The groups of students whose reports earn the highest grade in each of the HBA and MBA classes are reported in this section. It is normally one group per HBA and MBA section that is chosen as the class winner, but in a few occasions, two group reports are equally meritorious and Dr. Athanassakos declares a tie, in which case two groups may appear in the list per HBA and MBA sections.


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