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Ivey Value Fund

Founded by Dr. George Athanassakos in 2013 at the Ivey School of Business, the Ivey Value Fund is an integral part of the value investing experience offered through the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing. The Fund is the vehicle through which students of value investing at the Ivey Business School acquire practical investing experience during and after their studies at Ivey.

The Ivey Value Fund distinguishes itself from other university funds in a number of ways:

1.  It is the first value investing Fund that invests real money on "value" stock ideas which have been generated, analyzed and recommended by student analysts.

2. The Fund is connected to the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing, through which courses on value investing, strategic investing, valuation of financial securities and behavioural finance are offered. The combination of these courses with a live value investing Fund provides a unique student opportunity not found at any other university, either in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

3. The Fund is associated with seasoned value investing practitioners, and aspires to be a repository of value investing knowledge in Canada and a conduit for interaction among members of the value investing community.

The Ivey Value Fund will strive to embody the spirit of continuous learning and improvement by paying close attention not only to its results but, perhaps more importantly, to its process, and in this way remain flexible and innovative. With more experience, and through constant learning, it is entirely possible that certain parts of the Fund’s investment policies could change.

Access to most sections of this website will be open to visitors without registration of any kind. The exception to this will be the Fund Reports section, which will require the use of a password received through subscription.


Beyond containing basic background information, quarterly and annual reports, etc., the website is leveraged to provide student analysts with exposure to potential employers and mentoring opportunities by value investing professionals.

You will also find here information about the Fund's mission, investment process, governance, Fund reports and the Ivey Value Fund Fellows – the Fund alumni whose ideas have either been included in the Fund’s portfolio, or in our watch list. All of this is aimed to promote the Ben Graham Centre as a nucleus around which members of the value investing community can connect professionally and exchange ideas.

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