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Value Investing Education

This section provides information on the education of future business leaders and investors in the investment style made popular by Benjamin Graham in the early 1930's. It promotes the Centre, value investing and the work we all do at Ivey and particularly, in the Value Investing program. It is an all inclusive source of information for all those looking for value investing information or seeking potential analysts or consultants that adhere to the value investing principles. At Ivey not only do we offer value investing electives in the degree programs (HBA and MBA), but also executive education and a forthcoming PhD program. This page includes information on cases and teaching material, as well as guest speakers. It also has an area within which promotes, names and gives contacts of all students who have taken or are taking the Value Investing program at the Ivey Business School. In addition, it promotes the Value Investing projects the students have worked (or are working) on and the winners of those projects. In doing this, all value investing students are kept connected. Finally, it lists the winners of our various student value investing prizes which are made possible thanks to generous sponsors.  

The HBA, MBA and Executive Education programs build on the principles developed by Benjamin Graham in the early 30’s and teach value investing, its theory and application to real world, as well as a traditional valuation. The objectives of the courses are reached through a combination of formal lectures, valuation reports, discussions and presentations of cases, as well as presentations by leading value investors. The first part of the courses deal with building the value investing and general valuation skills, while the second part of the course apply these skills to value real life companies based on the principles learned in the first part of the course. The value investing skills are augmented from the presentations that leading value investors make in the classes.

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