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Interested in learning and being active with value investing? Be part of Ivey’s Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing, one of the two leading academic Centres in North America dedicated to educating future business leaders and investors in the investment style made popular by Benjamin Graham, referred to as Value Investing.

Benefits to you:

  • Have the opportunity to network and learn from respected professionals in the field.
  • Explore the world of value investing through the Centre’s resources, network, and other student roles.
  • Connect with the Ben Graham Centre’s alumni network and meet like-minded colleagues to challenge each other’s ideas.
  • Access to more opportunities at the Centre.

Available Positions:

-Senior Newsletter Contributor

-Junior Newsletter Contributor

-Blog Writer

If you’ve taken the Ivey Value Investing Program, you can also get involved in our Ivey Value Fund by becoming a Ivey Value Fund Fellow or Research Analyst. Click to learn more about the Ivey Value Fund and its team.

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