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Student Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in learning more about value investing and actively engaging in its dynamic community? If so, join Ivey’s Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing, one of the two leading academic Centres in North America dedicated to shaping the business leaders and investors of tomorrow in the time-honoured investment methodology popularized by Benjamin Graham — Value Investing.

Advantages for You

  • Gain access to networking and learning opportunities with esteemed experts in the field.
  • Explore the world of value investing, leveraging the Centre's array of resources, expansive network, and diverse student roles.
  • Collaborate with the dynamic community of Ben Graham Centre alumni, fostering discussions to sharpen your perspectives.
  • Access a multitude of opportunities available within the Centre's framework.

Available Positions

-Senior Newsletter Contributor

-Junior Newsletter Contributor

-Blog Writer

If you have previously completed the Ivey Value Investing Program, you also have the chance to make a mark in the Ivey Value Fund. This could involve taking on the role of an Ivey Value Fund Fellow or a Research Analyst. Discover more about the Ivey Value Fund and its accomplished team by clicking here.

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