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2020 Events Postponed Due to the COVID-19

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  • Jun 4, 2020
2020 Events Postponed Due to the COVID-19

The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing’s annual events such the Symposium on Intelligent Investing, booth at the Fairfax Financial Holdings Annual General Meeting and Value Investing Conference were all postponed due to social gathering and travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We worked hard to put together what we anticipated to be our best events to date, so we were quite disappointed when we had to push these events ahead a year but we value the health and safety of our presenters, participants, attendees and event organizers above all,” said George Athanassakos, the Ben Graham Centre’s Managing Director. “We expect to return in 2021 with even more enthusiasm since the appetite for value investing information is growing even more as value investors are finding great companies at great prices these days.”

We also made the difficult decision to cancel the final round of the 2020 International MBA Stock Picking Competition as this section of the Competition must be presented in-person in front of a panel of judges. All registration fees collected were divided equally among the top 3 team members as consolation prizes. The top 3 teams in 2020 were (in alphabetical order) Columbia University - Columbia Business School, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and Yale University - Yale School of Management.

Every year we also coordinate our Value Investing Conference and Stock Picking Competition to align with Fairfax Financial Holding’s Annual General Meeting, but unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Fairfax had to cancel the in-person event attendance and reschedule its AGM for April 15, 2021, at which time we will once again set up our booth to talk about value investing with Ivey with AGM attendees.

Dr. Athanassakos also extends a thank you to all our supporters in 2020. “The continued support from our centre donors and event sponsors has helped us weather the storm through these unprecedented times. We look forward to highlighting their contributions and support during our events in 2021.”


New dates in 2021:

May 14, 2021
Ben Graham Centre’s 9th Symposium on Intelligent Investing
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April 15, 2021
Fairfax Financial Holdings Annual General Meeting

April 14, 2021
Ben Graham Centre’s 2021 Value Investing Conference
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April 13, 2021
Ben Graham Centre's 2021 International Stock Picking Competition
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