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Ben Graham Centre · Value Investing Classes Guest Speaker

David Barr, Chief Executive Officer, PenderFund Capital Management Ltd.

Jan 26, 2023

David Barr Presenting

Mr. David Barr, Chief Executive Officer of PenderFund Capital Management Ltd. in Vancouver, BC, Canada, shared his investing knowledge and experience with Dr. Athanassakos' Value Investing Classes.

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Before his presentation Mr. Barr was interviewed by our Student Newsletter Contributors.
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Student Attendee Key Takeaway

“Mr. Barr’s presentation concluded with a question posed to him, asking what the most valuable lesson he has learned over his investment and personal career. After some reflection, he answered with a response that will continue to resonate with me for the rest of my career. He explained that, on top of feeling fortunate to do what he loves, emphasis should be placed on surrounding oneself with people who share the same core values. In doing so, Mr. Barr has cultivated a team that loves working together and a culture that brings out the best in each member.” ~ Christopher Choi, UWO student

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