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Blog Writers

We would like to thank our past and present Blog Writers for all the effort and work they do and have done for the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing.  Their contributions greatly enrich our Centre.  

The following Blog Writers are listed below in alphabetical order by surname. 

Luis García AlvarezLuis García Alvarez, CFA

Luis García Alvarez, CFA, born in Madrid, Spain, is an Equity Portfolio Manager at MAPFRE AM, the asset management unit of the global insurance company MAPFRE Group. He previously worked at Santander bank as a Market Risk Analyst and at BBVA as a Senior Equity Research Analyst. Luis holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics from Francisco de Vitoria University and a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from CEMFI. He is also co-director of the Executive Program in Value Investing and Behavioral Finance at ICADE Business School. He has co-authored a series of papers on the field of finance which he has presented at several workshops held at the University of Warsaw, University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, the Spanish Finance Association and the European Central Bank. Email Luis

Keenan Conlon

Keenan is a current HBA Candidate, having previously studied accounting and history before coming to Ivey. In high-school, he first developed a passion for value investing after stumbling upon The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham. After this eureka moment, he continued to learn from the investing greats and is honoured to be able to attend one of only two institutions in North America with a Centre dedicated to advancing the principles of value investing. When not reading 10-K’s, Keenan enjoys playing a range of sports and watching his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. Email Keenan

Elena Dimitrov

Elena Dimitrov is a HBA student completing her final year at Ivey Business School. She developed an interest in investing at an early age. Before taking George Athanassakos’ class, she had read The Intelligent Investor three times. At Ivey, she has further developed her interest in value investing principles through the academic and co-curricular opportunities offered by the Ben Graham Centre. Upon graduation, Elena will be pursuing management consulting in Chicago, Illinois where she will continue to explore the foundation of what makes for a phenomenal business. Email Elena

Luke Hodge

Luke is an Honors Business Administration candidate, who studied Economics at King’s University College prior to coming to Ivey. During his time there, he developed a passion for investing, and through studying the work of great investors like Warren Buffet and Christopher Browne, a keen interest in value investing specifically. The thing that excites him the most about coming to Ivey is having the opportunity to study the value investing curriculum taught here. Email Luke

Michael MorosiMichael Morosi

Michael Morosi, born in Midland, Michigan, USA, is an Equity Portfolio Manager at MAPFRE AM, the asset management unit of the global insurance company MAPFRE Group. He began his professional career as an investment banking analyst with Stephens, Inc. and later joined Jetstream Capital, a global hedge fund, as an equity analyst. He was also a founding partner in Jetstream Ventures, the firm´s venture capital arm. He later joined Avondale Partners as a Senior Equity Research Analyst covering energy and technology companies. He has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and Business, Magna Cum Laude, from Kalamazoo College and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IE Business School, where we now serves as an Adjunct Professor of Finance. Email Michael

Owen StimpsonOwen Stimpson

Owen is an Honors Business Administration Candidate at Ivey Business School. Prior to Ivey, he studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics for two years. He has completed an internship in private equity, and is looking forward to his career ahead. Owen enjoys reading the investor letters of prominent value investors, such as Howard Marks and Seth Klarman, and hopes to continue learning more about value investing during his time at Ivey. Email Owen


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