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Junior Newsletter Contributor


Additional Opportunities:

  • Communications write-ups:
    • Work at your comfort level.
      • Simple: Noting key points made by speakers during an event, or ;
      • Detailed: Writing complete articles. (Blog launching in 2019-2020)
    • No previous experience required. Your work will be reviewed/edited by Centre staff.

You are the perfect candidate if you:

  • Are a Western University student. (Year 1 to HBA 1)
  • Are a Respectful and motivated individual.
  • Can relate to the Centre’s Mission Statement and Principles of Operations.
  • Enjoy conversing with people.
  • Are passionate about investing. (do not need to be knowledgeable)
  • Care about your brand. (i.e. your name value)
  • Are highly responsible, dependable and conscientious of deadlines.

How to Apply? Questions?:

It all starts with reaching out! Please do not hesitate to contact the Ben Graham Centre Coordinator.