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Program Details

MBA Direct Program Structure

Our program is not simply a set of courses, but an action-oriented learning experience designed to accelerate your success in the real world. The MBA Direct curriculum is designed to build on the core knowledge you already obtained during your HBA years at Ivey, and bring you up to the MBA level in just eight short months.

The Eight-Month MBA Journey for HBA Grads

Program Structure

MBA Direct or Accelerated MBA

When researching your MBA at Ivey there are two options HBA graduates could explore. Each program has unique offerings to explore.

  MBA Direct for HBA Graduates Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates (AMBA)
 GMAT Requirement GMAT score not required. GMAT score not required.
Previous Education Requirement Completed Honours Business Administration (HBA) from the Ivey Business School. Completed undergraduate degree (from any University) in business.
Work Experience 2 to 10 years, full-time, post University degree. 2 to 10 years, full-time, post University degree.
Program Length and structure


8 months, with July start.

While you work, blended online and in-class format 14 months, with November start

Location London, Ontario. One week residential session in London, Ontario, one 3-day module per month in Toronto (Friday to Sunday).
Curriculum Core courses curriculum, plus opportunity to choose electives. Set core course curriculum only.
Career Support

Career Management fully integrated into the Program including classes during core curriculum, corporate recruiting, including on and off-campus events and job board.

One-on-one coaching appointments, workshops and additional resources available throughout the year. Complete support for students looking for an acceleration or career transition.

Career Management support available such has professional coaching, in a very limited capacity. Support includes improving professional narrative and Linked In profile.

On and off-campus recruitment activities including job board not available.

Professional Goals

For career switchers, career accelerators, or those looking to formalize or further develop business education.

For working professionals who do not plan to career change and want to stay with current company or same industry; builds on existing business education.

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