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MBA Direct Curriculum and Courses

A successful career demands a solid foundation of business knowledge. That’s why an Ivey MBA effectively teaches business fundamentals and then goes one step further than most business school programs to also develop and hone your leadership abilities. In eight intense months, only Ivey readies you for the continued leadership challenges required to thrive in the complex economy of today and tomorrow, with a curriculum that is designed to prepare you for career success.


Business Essentials Refresh

A series of courses to provide a refresh and ensure you are familiar with any changes or new aspects of the business fundamentals that the full-year MBA students would have covered in their core program.


Electives, International Experiences 

Elective Courses

Our elective courses are designed to support your career goals and satisfy your professional and personal interests.

Explore Elective Courses

International Experiences

Participate in an optional study trip to Costa Rica, Portugal or Silicon Valley as part of the elective cycle. Learn more about the international study trip through our podcast and blog.

If you want to experience an international study exchange, you can take advantage of this in the final semester. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself fully in another culture and to expand your global network.


Leading Cross-Enterprise

Bring it all together

This capstone module pulls together everything you've learned and connects it to today's real-world leadership challenges. You'll examine some of the big questions like:

  • Who leads best and how do they do it?
  • How are great leaders developed?
  • What are the major forces and trends that will affect business in the 21st century?"

Career Management

Career Management is a central part of the Ivey MBA and is integrated throughout the program.

Classroom activities are combined with innovative experiences like our capstone alumni networking event, Get Connected.

Our Career Advisors partner with you from day one through to graduation.

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