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Tuition and Admission Scholarships

Guaranteed $20,000 Admission Scholarship

Ivey Business School has recently announced a new guaranteed scholarship opportunity for HBA graduates who wish to join the MBA Direct program. This new scholarship automatically grants $20,000 to all HBA graduates who return to Ivey for the MBA Direct program. There is no separate application required. Students will be notified with their admissions offer prior to the start of the program.

This is an exciting opportunity for HBA graduates who are looking to further their education and develop their business skills at one of the leading business schools in Canada. With the cost of education being a major factor for many students, this scholarship provides significant financial aid to students, making it easier for them to pursue their MBA education. This new scholarship program reflects Ivey's commitment to supporting and investing in its graduates, helping them achieve their career aspirations and reach their full potential in the business world. 

To learn more about how to finance your MBA including our MBA Loan Program with specific Canadian banks, please click here.

Tuition & Academic Expenses*

We know that financing the MBA is about much more than just tuition; an MBA from Ivey Business School is an investment in yourself. Before getting started, it’s important to consider all of the associated costs, including tuition, cost of living, and other academic expenses you may incur throughout during your return to Ivey.

All amounts are in Canadian dollars. Please note, the tuition amounts listed below do not include the guaranteed scholarship deduction.

Tuition 2024
Domestic Students $50,085
International Students** $74,200
International students add UHIP Health Insurance (mandatory) $730 (estimated)
Fees*** Estimated Fees
Domestic University Fees $4,000 (estimated)
International University Fees $4,800 (estimated)

* Subject to University Senate Approval.
** Some international students at Western University are eligible to pay Canadian domestic tuition fees. Please see the Western Registrar's site for more information.
*** These are estimated fees and subject to change each year as approved by University Senate. Please visit Western’s Ancillary Fee Schedule for further details.

Other Academic Expenses

International Study Trip (Optional Elective) $3,000 - $4,000

*All costs are subject to change.

For an approximate breakdown of living expenses, please click here.

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