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Prepare for Long-Term Career Success

Career Management is a central part of the Ivey MBA and is integrated throughout the program. Classroom activities are combined with innovative experiences like our capstone series of events, Get Connected. Our Career Advisors partner with you from day one through to graduation.

From the Beginning

Your interactions with the Career Management team start before you are even accepted into the Ivey MBA Program. Career Management plays a critical role in our admissions process, interviewing candidates to ensure that their career goals and expectations are defined, realistic, and achievable. Your admissions interview is the starting point of your relationship with our Career Advisors, which will last throughout your time at Ivey.

Integrated Curriculum

Tactical Career Management begins as soon as you join the program in July. Our CM team will work with you on everything from understanding market expectations and preparing a compelling resumé and cover letter, to networking tips and interview coaching.

Career Management’s Get Connected Series of Events

Get Connected with Alumni

In May, CM will host Get Connected with Alumni, a capstone event to give students the opportunity to test the skills they’ve developed and explore opportunities through exclusively alumni-focused activities. They will participate in alumni industry panels that mirror the interests of their class, engage in practice interviews, and connect with alumni through coffee chats and networking events.

Get Connected Industry Treks

Get Connected Industry Treks signal the beginning of the MBA recruitment season. Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in full-day industry specific networking activities, including information sessions, company tours, and coffee chats. These events are planned to align with industry recruiting timelines and complement ongoing virtual and in-person engagement opportunities.

Reach Your Goals

The Get Connected event marks the end of formal Career Management curriculum and the beginning of your individual coaching relationship with your Career Advisor. As you identify job opportunities and connect with Alumni, you may choose to work with your Career Advisor to help develop and refine your career strategy and navigate the networking and job offer process.

Get Connected Testimonials

Hear how the event helped MBA Direct students gain a clear picture of the recruitment landscape and new connections that began to transform their career.

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