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Advance World-Class Research

We will advance and amplify all world-class research, with particular emphasis on confronting critical issues facing business and society.

Our research needs to be bolder and more impactful for business and society. To do this, we must strengthen all of our research elements, encouraging collaborative research on Critical Issues and supporting the research and outreach of our Centres and Institutes , while also substantively supporting strong individual research agendas, which is crucial to help us identify new topics that will have future impact. We will provide more flexibility to researchers to pursue ambitious research and add supports to make sure these insights make it to learners and practitioners who can apply this knowledge.


  • Support faculty to pursue their research agendas through mentorship and additional resources
  • Develop forums for discussing critical issues facing business and society that serve to stimulate and guide our research practices
  • Create significant incentives to support and encourage faculty to pursue ambitious, collaborative research agendas, especially around critical issues
  • Develop, support, and prioritize research agendas that translate academic research into application for a variety of audiences
  • Ensure that research and the latest thought leadership are integrated throughout our programs and student journey
  • Support a PhD program that provides students with the personal and professional growth necessary to pursue world-class research and careers in academia

Select Activities:

  • Increase research capacity by adding tenure-track and tenured faculty
  • Increase access to grant-writing support and case-development support for all faculty pursuing research
  • Invest in marketing, outreach, and case-development to support researchers to bring their insights and thought leadership to our learning environments, business, and society
  • Provide additional support to sustain demonstrable high research achievement, including extra research funding, teaching relief, and sabbaticals
  • Continue supporting missions of Research Centres and Institutes, with additional support for activities aligned around Critical Issues
  • Establish an academic leadership role to support faculty mentorship and development
  • Learn from, and extend, the community-based research approaches being utilized in collaboration with Indigenous communities and Ivey researchers into our research and knowledge ecosystem

Strategic Plan

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