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Create a Lifelong Learning Ecosystem

We will create, curate, and sustain an ecosystem of Lifelong Learning to elevate individuals’ and organizations’ development.

As an extension of Ivey’s mission, we will promote and enable ongoing development through Lifelong Learning – a system of deliberate and focused learning experiences embedded in individuals’ career journeys and in organizations’ strategic journeys. Individuals must continuously enhance their professional agility, increase their critical knowledge, develop new skills, and inspire their own growth and impact as leaders. Organizations need leaders with increased capacity to implement together, effective succession planning, and strong talent pipelines. Ivey’s Lifelong Learning ecosystem will build on our current strengths, including our deep relationships with alumni, our exceptional degree programming and research activities, our impactful executive education programming at the Ivey Academy and Ivey Asia, as well as a recently developed senior executive coaching community.


  • Embed the value of Lifelong Learning in the Ivey community, enabling students, staff, faculty, and alumni to support, mentor, and learn from one another at every stage of their careers
  • Lead with cutting-edge innovation and active partnerships to deliver a robust set of high-impact Lifelong Learning experiences for individuals and organizations
  • Integrate the latest research on current topics and learning methods into the Lifelong Learning ecosystem to ensure leaders in business and society can thrive and increase their positive impact in an ever-changing world

Select Activities:

  • Build a new organizational model to develop, manage, and advance Ivey’s Lifelong Learning services
  • Partner with Lifelong Learners – alumni, organizational leaders, professional associations – to develop compelling and valuable programming
  • Establish a leading-edge digital navigation and delivery platform
  • Partner with Ivey faculty, staff, programs, Research Centres and Institutes, and other activities, leveraging these resources to develop impactful Lifelong Learning experiences

Strategic Plan

Ivey Next: Innovating for Impact

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