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Develop Global Citizens

We will develop the mindset of global citizenship among members of our community and increase the School’s international scope and diversity.

We must encourage global mindsets in our community through knowledge and engagement with our global environments, but also understand our responsibility as global citizens to help to work through major problems that transcend geographic and political boundaries. Canada is a small open economy that punches well above its weight in an interconnected global environment. To do more, our community must understand how to continually contribute and compete on an international scale, in a world that is increasingly interdependent.


  • Prepare students for success in a rapidly evolving global business environment
  • Develop faculty, staff, and students through international experiences and perspectives
  • Develop new strategic partnerships around the world with select business schools, corporations, and other institutions
  • Enhance Ivey’s brand globally to open new opportunities in research, teaching, and outreach to further our mission and to engage, recruit, and retain top faculty and students
  • Actively participate in and promote responsible business on issues of global concern

Select Activities:

  • Embed responsibility and accountability for internationalization within a senior leadership role
  • Develop international diversity targets and curriculum goals aligned to our strategy
  • Ensure every degree program includes multiple international experiences delivered through a variety of formats
  • Establish financial supports to increase accessibility of international exchange programs
  • Leverage our international partnerships, including our existing presence in Hong Kong, as well as identify new international partners to benefit our teaching and research in Canada
  • Develop a career management curriculum for students who want to work abroad, leveraging alumni connections for career development and recruitment activities
  • Broaden the scope of alumni chapters to include exchange and CEMS students to strengthen our alumni connections around the world
  • Engage meaningfully in global partnerships and networks, such as the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME)

Strategic Plan

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