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Foster an Inclusive Culture

We will foster a community where members feel they belong and contribute to a supportive, inclusive, and accountable culture that pursues excellence, is aligned with our values, and is nurtured through curiosity, respect, mentorship, and recognition.

Ivey’s people and the culture we foster are foundational to accomplishing our mission. We strive to develop an environment where people develop subject matter expertise in their respective disciplines and where they feel inspired and supported in their work, have a voice in the direction of the School, and are rewarded for success. We will build on the previous efforts and learnings by Ivey community members, along with our recent EDI efforts, to bring a renewed focus on the importance of a strong, inclusive culture that brings our School’s values into daily practice.


  • Develop community learning programs and tools to reshape the behaviours we commit to one another and for which we hold ourselves accountable that foster accountability and a sense of belonging
  • Foster an environment where members of the community have voice in governance and direction of the School and its mission
  • Design an inclusive learning environment, including course materials, teaching approaches, and inclusive classroom design
  • Commit to learning from, and bearing witness to, the discrimination, ableism, sexism, and racism that has created inequity and exclusion for our faculty, staff, and students and work together to dismantle these structures, systems, and behaviours
  • Increase the diversity of our faculty, staff, and student body, and socioeconomic access to our programs
  • Support ongoing purpose-driven professional development of staff and faculty
  • Create meaningful cross-enterprise engagement opportunities for staff, faculty, and students

Select Activities:

  • Continue to be informed by past EDI reports and their recommendations to make concrete system-level changes required to increase the equity and inclusion of Women, Racialized, 2SLGBTQ+ community members, as well as community members who identify as persons with disabilities, and Indigenous persons
  • Continue to implement and evolve our EDI Action and Measurement Plan, providing focus and resources to make material progress on our EDI goals
  • Continue to develop and implement embedded Equity and Inclusion curricula
  • Implement ongoing training and introduce inclusive planning and equity practice tools for our community members
  • Set, commit to, and measure progress on our EDI and belonging metrics at the institution and group levels to ensure we are increasing representation across the Ivey community
  • Continue to enhance recruiting and admissions processes, as well as increase needs-based financial supports for students
  • Incorporate Ivey’s world-renowned thought leadership on team work, leadership, and purpose-driven work into tools and learning opportunities focused on professional development for Ivey staff and faculty
  • Increase transparency and opportunities for faculty and staff to engage in decision-making

Strategic Plan

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