In-Person Program

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Practice

Building supportive and sustainable relationships through reciprocity, respect, consent, trust, and accountability.


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Fall Session

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Donald K. Johnson Centre

Program Overview

Identifying and dismantling systemic barriers to equity and inclusion requires effective and nurturing relationships among all organization members, regardless of their formal role.  Systemic change is challenging and often frustrating. Focusing on the substance rather than the optics of a supportive and effective relationship requires the disposition to navigate the complexities of mistakes, failures, feedback, and progress. It also requires stamina, commitment, and the capacity to bring others along. 

This novel program is designed to fine-tune one’s leadership journey and attend to often neglected yet critical aspects of one’s identity, relationships to others and to society. The program goes beyond the common 'to do' checklist or unconscious bias psychology of equity, diversity, and inclusion training. Instead, systems' perspective and critical thinking are combined to help you identify effective levers, moments of intervention, and practical means to affect positive change in organizations and society.  

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Program Overview

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed to be inclusive, inviting people from all backgrounds, professions, roles, experiences or lives-lived. Participants will gain and deepen insights on equity and inclusion as intentional practices, rather than concepts; they will apply learning to their personal practice of leadership, and examine approaches to building and sustaining inclusive organizations.   

While not required, we often recommend that two leaders from one organization attend together to amplify learning outcomes through context-specific dialogues and exercises related to their organizations or workplace teams.

What You Learn

  1. Critically assess and identify your position within a system of social relations and identities.
  2. Apply systems’ perspectives to examine the stories we tell about ourselves and others, and the lived experiences that influence how we think, speak, and act as leaders.
  3. Unpack the power dynamics, processes and structures that perpetuate inequality and exclusion in organizations and society.
  4. Examine where, when, and how to intervene to lower barriers to equality and inclusion.
  5. Design practical approaches to bringing others along, to affect positive system-level changes in your organizational structure and culture that reduce barriers and increase equity and inclusion.


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How You Learn

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Practice is deeply experiential, grounded in case research, and facilitated by expert faculty from Ivey Business School. Our real-world Case Method of Learning is not about textbooks and lectures – it’s about learning by doing. You’ll identify specific, practical learning takeaways through deep discussion and simulations, then develop an implementation plan with feedback from other leaders. You’ll complete the program having gained new skills, heard insights from peers, and developed a clear strategy to tackle specific challenges within your organizational structure and culture.

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Expert Faculty Led Sessions
Expert Faculty Led Sessions
Ivey Case Method
Ivey Case Method
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Peer Learning Teams
Simulations And Role Play
Simulations And Role Play


What funding resources are available for executive education programs at Ivey? plus small icon minus small icon

Organizations and participants in Canada may benefit from the Canada Job Grant or the Canada Training Credit to offset a portion of program fees. Visit our Funding Resources page to learn more.

When are new program dates announced? plus small icon minus small icon

Programs are offered throughout the year in Calgary, London, and Toronto. Contact us to receive a notification of new dates for specific programs.

How should I prepare before attending the program? plus small icon minus small icon

Our program managers will contact all registered participants prior to the program start date with instructions to join our online Learning Management System. Once logged in, you will be able to create a class profile, view other participants' profiles, and access a list of assigned pre-reading, cases, and activities. Plan to review and complete preparation work in advance of each class session.