Make the shift from managing to leading

Claude Arbez

Claude Arbez, Director, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, details how the Ivey Leadership Program developed his leadership skills so he could confidently make the transition from managing to leading.

What led you to take the Ivey Leadership Program (ILP)?
After entering management over 10 years ago, and recently becoming an executive, I wanted to receive some formal education that would support me to become more than just a boss: I wanted to become a leader.

I chose to study specifically at Ivey at the recommendation of previous Western alumni, and with support from my executive talent management team.

How did the program compare to your expectations?
I expected this program to challenge me, to challenge my beliefs, my leadership style, and my communication style. ILP did exactly that. I now have additional perspective and tools that I can use every day to overcome leadership challenges.

What particular moment from ILP stands out for you?
There are two situations that really stand out.

The first was on the Wednesday morning where we studied a case on how to address dissent, particularly in a situation of radical change. Before this session, I felt I was a very effective agent of change, but this module showed me how much further I can take my skills.

The second was a session about obtaining compliance and commitment from employees. The simulation in this session was so authentic that it allowed for immediate and tangible development in having difficult conversations.

How did the faculty contribute to your learning?
The faculty did an amazing job at blending leadership theory, popular leadership books, and case studies to enhance the learning. I also want to acknowledge that every day flew by – a real testament to the effectiveness of those facilitating the program.

How has the program changed you?
My confidence has grown since participating in the program, both in terms of managing human resources, but also in negotiation.

How would you describe the program’s impact?
I would say the program’s impact is profound. When I was in class, I had a few ‘AH HA!’ moments; but now, several weeks later, I continue to recall aspects of the program and gain further insights. The value of this course is continuing to grow with me.


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