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Walter J. Schloss

Founder, Walter & Edwin Schloss Associates, New York, NY, USA

Mr. Schloss started on Wall Street in 1934, at the age of 18, in the midst of the depression (working for Loeb Roades, then called Carl M. Loeb & Co). During the late 1930’s, Schloss took courses from Benjamin Graham at the New York Stock Exchange Institute. He was in good company. His fellow students included Gus Levy, head of the arbitrage department of Goldman Sachs; Cy Winters of Abraham, at one time president of the New York Society of Security Analysts; and other Wall Street heavyweights. At the time Schloss was working at Carl M. Loeb and Company, Graham’s brother Leon was a customer’s man at the firm and Graham kept his account there, allowing Schloss to confirm that Graham did indeed practice what he preached in class. Graham hired Schloss in 1946 as soon as Walter was discharged from the service” (from “Value Investing” by Greenwald, Kahn, Sonkin and van Biema, 2001, p. 265). The rest is history. Mr. Schloss started his limited partnership in the middle of 1955. In 1963, he earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Waller’s son Edwin joined the partnership in 1973 and the fund changed its name to Walter & Edwin Schloss Associates. Over the period 1956 to 2000, Mr. Schloss and his son Edwin provided investors a compounded return of 15.3% compared with the S&P 500’s annual compounded return on 11.5%.

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