The Ivey Learning Experience uses cases to analyze the business issues managers face every day - not fictitious scenarios but actual real-world problems. Our commitment to real world knowledge and expertise in the classroom develops extraordinary leaders and extraordinary careers.

Why We Use Cases

By presenting the challenges faced by actual companies, Ivey puts its students in the role of decision maker. The classroom becomes a type of business simulator where students can test their thinking and judgment in a low-risk, supportive environment and get instant feedback that they can incorporate into their learning. The current nature and timeliness of the case discussions even creates opportunities to occasionally invite executives from the subject companies into class to provide a perspective simply not possible from a textbook.

How We Use Cases

In an Ivey classroom, students and faculty probe the issues behind the problem to determine the appropriate course of action. In the course of this discovery, all of the affected departments of the company must be considered, just as they would in the real world. For example, in a product launch campaign, not only is there a marketing component to the discussion, there will also be a production consideration. Through Ivey's occasional use of team teaching, both a professor specializing in marketing and another specializing in logistics will be present in the classroom, each bringing their respective expertise to the discussion.