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Personal Safety

Indicator Definition

Assessment of risks, including war, kidnapping, crime, social unrest, and natural disasters.


Coding Methodology

Control Risk conducts an annual risk assessment of each country in the world and publishes the results online via an open-access map.  The map includes a travel risk rating for each country with five categories:

  1. Insignificant travel risk
  2. Low travel risk
  3. Medium travel risk
  4. High travel risk
  5. Extreme travel risk

We converted the categories to a five-point Likert scale as follows:

Control Risk Ratings


Insignificant personal travel risk


Low personal travel risk


Medium personal travel risk


High personal travel risk


Extreme personal travel risk


In cases where countries have more than one rating, we used the rating for that country's business capital.

Data Imputation

No data was imputed for this indicator.


Control Risk

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