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Hotel Standards

Indicator Definition

Assessment of the quality, number, affordability, and availability of 3-star and better hotels in the main business capital.


Coding Methodology

To code this indicator we first conducted a quantitative assessment of the number of rooms available relative to the size of the city. This estimate involved dividing the population of each business capital by the total number of 3 and 4 star hotel rooms available in that city. To estimate the number of rooms we used the total number of 3 and 4-star rooms listed on and We then conducted a qualitative assessment by reviewing online travel resources and descriptions of each location. This was done to verify the quality of the listings and to test the face validity of the estimates. We manually adjusted the coding in cases where the quantitative values did not match the qualitative description of the location. Approximately half the values were adjusted during the qualitative assessments. Sub-indicator scores were converted to a 1-7 scale using the following formula:

 Hotel formula

Where: i = sub-indicator scores and, j = country. The results were rounded to the nearest whole number.


No data was imputed for this indicator. 


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