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About the Cobwebs

The Hassle Factor Cobwebs provide a detailed visual representation of the individual hassle indicators per country. While the size of the red area indicates somewhat the size of the overall Hassle Factor, not all items have equal impact on the overall score. Using a combination of statistical factor analysis and regression tools, we were able to rank order the importance of the individual hassles. For example, health concerns and the standards of local transportation have a more severe impact on the overall Hassle Factor score as compared to safety and visa issues. At the individual managerial level these preferences may vary. What the scores show is the real impact of the aggregated Hassle Factor on the investment activities of multinational corporations in the individual countries.

  1. Local Transportation: Availability and standards of local transportation.
  2. Health: Exposure to disease and availability of health care facilities/doctors.
  3. Business Facilitation: Difficulty in setting up meetings with decision makers.
  4. Food & Water Hygiene: Quality of food and water.
  5. Climate: Perceived inconvenience based on climate.
  6. Risk for Women Travelers: Harassment and freedom to travel alone.
  7. Telco & Internet: Availability and quality of mobile phone/internet coverage.
  8. Hotel: Number of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels.
  9. Visa: Difficulty and time required for obtaining entry visas.
  10. Personal Safety: Including the risk of getting robbed or kidnapped.
  11. Language: Difficulty communicating in English or finding interpreters.

The indicator scores are based on multiple data sources including the World Bank, World Health Organization, United Nations, Central Intelligence Agency, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OAG Worldwide Limited, Merchant International Group, United States Department of State, Japan Ministry of foreign Affairs, Safe Water for International Travelers, Global Road Warrior 4th ed.

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