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Initial Caps

DEPARTMENTS – Use initial caps when the reference is formal and lower case when the reference is informal.
Department of History.
An instructor with the history department.

FACULTY – Use initial caps when referring to an academic division and lower case when referring to academic staff.
Faculty of Science.
There will be many new faculty positions this year.

GOVERNMENT – No initial cap unless it’s the formal name of a government.
The Government of Canada.

The program received federal government funding.

NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST – Lower case unless part of a street address.
He lives on the north side of town.
He lives at 177 John Street South.

RELIGIONS – All names of religions are proper names and take an initial cap.
Examples: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Baha’i Faith.

PROVINCE – No initial cap unless part of the formal governmental title.
Examples: The Province of Ontario (otherwise province and provincial).

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