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Virtual Backgrounds

Setting up your virtual background

Popular video conferencing applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams support custom virtual background. This is a great way to add an Ivey theme to your virtual meetings. You can choose between a variety Ivey branded campus images or a customizable PowerPoint template that allows you to include you name and title. Click the images below to download a background and reference the resources for instructions on how to change you background.

PowerPoint template

Powerpoint presentation screenshot

This customizable PowerPoint file provides a virtual background that includes your full name, job title, and department. It's perfect for external or large internal meetings. Once you have updated the slide, simply export it as an image.

Technical considerations:

  • Instructions for setting up a virtual background and technical specifications can be found on the Zoom Help Centre and Microsoft Support
  • When using virtual backgrounds, please be sure to deselected ‘mirror my video’ after choosing your background image which can be found in settings under virtual backgrounds
  • Be sure to test Ivey virtual backgrounds for lighting and contrast before any meetings

Additional Ivey resources for setting up and managing your Ivey Zoom account:

Standard Zoom backgrounds

Click on each image to download.

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