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Websites and Social Media

Social Media

The following documentation has been established to help provide Ivey Business School faculty and staff with guidance around best practices and policy for social media.

Set up a new account

All new social media accounts must be requested through the Digital Services team. We will set up the account, apply the proper branding, and implement the appropriate access for any staff or faculty.

Request a new account

Access an existing account

Access for all social media accounts at Ivey Business School may be requested through the Digital Services team. Depending on the social media channel, this could mean receiving the password or adding your email address to the account.

Request access to an existing account

Secure your account

If a staff or faculty member leaves your team and had previous access to a social media account, please notify the Digital Services team so that we may change the password or remove their access.

Share news or events on social media 

Do you have an event or news that you think is relevant to our social media followers? Contact our communications team to determine the best approach for sharing.

Social Media Directory

Ivey wants to help visitors to our website or social media sites determine if the communities they're engaging with are legitimate.

To that end, we have developed a comprehensive, official list of websites and services the Ivey Business School has signed up for and is using. We hope this list will help you decide which sites/ groups you'd like to participate in.

Social Media Directory

Inappropriate Use

In order to maintain the reputation of the Ivey Business School, it is crucial to use social media channels appropriately. If you are unsure whether a communication is inappropriate, please consult with Ivey's Marketing Department. Inappropriate use of Ivey's social media channels may be cause for disciplinary action.


Ivey's Digital Services team works hard to ensure that all Ivey sites are standardized in terms of appearance, components and style as this guarantees sites that are user friendly, easy to navigate, predictable and consistent in order to provide the best user experience possible.

The Digital Services team also ensures that Ivey's websites are in accordance with our Visual Identity Standards and support the brand of the school. Digital Services has the expertise to help get your department started with your site, whether you're just starting out, or improving your site, they will help to develop your communication and make it stand out within our family of websites.

Contact, for any project, and we'll ensure your message gets directed to the right person as quickly as possible.

Domain Names

Domain Names may only be registered and purchased by Ivey Digital Services.

Please submit domain name requests to, along with details of the project and the billable business unit. Staff, students, faculty and outside agencies representing the School are not permitted to register domain names that include the "ivey" wordmark.


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