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Ivey MBA’s Elective Courses

Be Prepared for the Career You Want

Building on the business fundamentals you gain in the core curriculum, Ivey’s elective courses have been designed to assist you in selecting the courses that will provide the targeted skills and the expertise to achieve career success in whichever field you choose. Whether you are making a career transition or looking to move up in your current industry, you can choose from five focused areas to develop your marketability. Students must take a minimum of nine elective courses, but can take up to 12. Electives run from September to March.

You may also choose a personalized approach, custom-designing a set of elective courses to prepare you for your own career success and professional development.



With the support of the Western Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, Powered by Ivey, MBA students have the opportunity to receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Requirements include completion of a set of career-focused elective courses and real-world experiences like the Ivey New Venture Project that will best position you to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Ivey also offers The Ivey MBA Entrepreneurship Fellowship, a scholarship for professionals with achievements and an interest in entrepreneurship and start-ups.  Prospective candidates are dedicated in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship and will have access to an array of resources and coaching.

Primary Entrepreneurship Courses Offered

Secondary Entrepreneurship Courses Offered

*Courses subject to change.


To prepare for a career in Marketing, Ivey ensures that you learn the basic Marketing fundamentals from courses in the core curriculum, including the responsibilities of profit/loss, human capital, sales, and negotiation.

Along with integrated, action-oriented learning such as the SABRE Marketing Simulation, you will have the confidence and real-world experience necessary to manage some of the world's leading brands.

Primary Marketing Courses Offered

Secondary Marketing Courses Offered

*Courses subject to change.

Corporate Strategy and Leadership

Using the Ivey Case-Method, every day in the classroom mimics the real-life role of a consultant. From dissecting and analyzing a problem from all angles to making recommendations, getting buy-in on decisions, presenting solutions, and implementing - you will spend 365 days using this consulting framework.

Primary Strategy and Leadership Courses Offered

Secondary Strategy and Leadership Courses Offered

*Courses subject to change.

International Management

Ivey's MBA curriculum has been built to ensure that students have an understanding of global business issues. Integrated with this everyday focus on global learning is the opportunity for students to take a custom designed set of career-focused elective courses for those interested in pursuing careers in International Management.

These courses, combined with Ivey's globally focused curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities like the International Study Trip and LEADER Project, will give you the confidence and real-world experience necessary to succeed as a leader anywhere in the world.

Primary International Management Courses Offered

Secondary International Management Courses Offered

*Courses subject to change.