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Ivey MBA Tuition & Student Finance

It’s important to consider all of the costs associated with the MBA investment when selecting your business school. In addition to tuition, it’s important to consider cost of living in the city you choose, as well as other academic expenses you may incur throughout the year. Below is an estimate of costs for the Ivey MBA Program.

Tuition & Academic Expenses *

All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Tuition 2021
Domestic Students $83,250
International Students** $117,500

2021 Fees, Other Academic Expenses and Living Expenses are still being determined. For now, please see the estimates for 2020.

Fees*** 2020
Western Student Organization Fees (including MBA Association Fee) $1,134
Western Student Ancillary Fees $524
Ivey Course Material Fees (case books) $2,749
Total $4,407
Opt out options  
International students add UHIP Health Insurance (mandatory) $636

*Subject to University Senate approval.

** Some international students at Western University are eligible to pay Canadian domestic tuition fees. Please see the Western Registrar's site for more information.

***Subject to change.

Other Academic Expenses

Preparatory Knowledge Program* (Optional)
Economics Primer (8 classes) $678
Finance, Accounting and Spreadsheets Primer (16 classes) $1,130
Quantitative Analysis Primer (10 classes) $904
International Study Trip (Optional Elective) $3,000 -$4000

*All costs are subject to change. The cost of the Preparatory Knowledge Program (PKP) is subsidized to ensure that as many incoming students as possible may participate. Pricing is on a per primer basis and includes HST.

Living Expenses

The below is an approximate breakdown of the fees associated with living in London, Ontario based on beginning our program in March 2021.  Rental fees in particular do vary depending on rental property selected, whether it is furnished and the number of occupants.

Note: The City of London Bus Pass is included in your tuition and fees

Living Expenses Monthly Estimates*


  • One Bedroom
  • Two Bedroom
  • Renting a Room in a Student House

Note: These rates do vary depending on the location, amenities available and whether personal hydro is included

  • $1,200
  • $1,700
  • $650
Apartment Liability Insurance (approximate range of $15-$20 per month) $20

Utilities (i.e. Personal hydro is approximately $50 and home internet is between $50 and $65 depending on bandwidth)

Food $500
Cell Phone (range: $40 - $80) $80

Miscellaneous (i.e.: clothing, movies, laundry)


 *Monthly estimates based on single student sharing a house or apartment

*If you will file a Canadian Income Tax Return, you can claim your MBA Tuition. A T2202A receipt is provided through an online service on Student Center, which allows you to view your T2202A - Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate(s) from Taxation year 2000 and onwards.