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Alysha Murji

Returning to Ivey for my MBA was the easiest decision I could have made. After spending the past three years in consulting, I knew I wanted to get back into the classroom and take advantage of the opportunity to broaden my knowledge base. Coming from Deloitte’s Finance and Performance Management (F&PM) Consulting Practice allowed me to bring back my expertise within the Financial Services industry as well as the knowledge I had gained through acquiring my Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) designation.

Yet my passion for the healthcare industry, as a result of completing an undergraduate dual degree program in business and health sciences (Ivey HBA and BHSc), is what truly pushed me to return to Ivey. Having completed a few projects in the healthcare sector prior to 2017 and thoroughly enjoying the knowledge and new skills I was acquiring, I knew it was time for a change. I returned to Ivey with the goal of returning to consulting again but now within the healthcare industry. Ivey was without a doubt the best choice for me — it was the case study method, the calibre of students, and the highly qualified and diverse group of professors that made Ivey my top pick.

Returning back to London for the Accelerated MBA program felt like home. For the first two months, the AMBAs spent every single day together, engaging in real business problems and developing insightful solutions for managers in their respective industries. What was the greatest asset to these discussions was that each individual was able to share his or her own expertise from their workplaces and industries that was completely unique to every other student.

Integrating with the rest of the MBA class through electives and other initiatives was also a phenomenal experience. Whether it was planning how to re-launch the YOU-Café in the centre of London as part of Ivey Impact Day or participating in any of the three famous study trips, we all had the opportunity to share and learn so much about one another. One of my favourite memories was on the Southeast Asia Study Trip, where a group of us travelled to Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. There’s such a strong bond that forms between you and your peers when you travel and experience things together for the first time, and watching your friends devour their first chocolate scorpions on the streets of Thailand —nothing can compare to that! Spending time like this with the entire MBA class has allowed me to form lifelong friendships and create stories that will be retold again and again.

Though I am sad that the MBA program is close to an end, I am also excited for what is to come in the near future. I plan to take a few weeks off to travel before returning to consulting specifically within Deloitte’s National Healthcare Practice. I cannot wait to share my new knowledge, experiences, and stories from the AMBA program. Most importantly, I encourage anyone thinking about the Ivey MBA to take the plunge — I guarantee it’ll lead you to continued success!

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Alysha Murji

Alysha Murji

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