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AEO to Ivey Blog

Apr 13, 2018

Managing Finals Season Stress

The idea of finals season can seem kind of daunting – how can one exam make up half of your grade in a course? Here are some study tips and strategies I learned during first year that can hopefully help you.
Apr 9, 2018

Motivation against/and the Routine

Many students speak about failing to find the motivation to start a new exercise regimen, study for a test, or even start an assignment due that day. Why is it so hard?
Apr 3, 2018

Petrified to Participate

Seek your professor’s help, break through the wall of fear and doubt, and persist through the off days.
Mar 20, 2018

How to Master the Interview

You’re waiting outside the dreadful interview room thinking "How on earth are you going to make yourself standout from the crowd?" This is probably one of the hardest skills to master and when you do, possibly the most rewarding skill of all when it comes to getting a job.
Feb 26, 2018

How to Find a Summer Internship

Finding an internship as a first-year student can be a challenging task. Here's some tips I used last year that I believe will be helpful for most students looking for something to do over the summer.
Feb 9, 2018

How to Stay Motivated and Procrastinate Less

In continuation of my previous post Sleep is Cool, I'm going to share some tips that helped me stay motivated and manage my time better last semester.
Feb 6, 2018

Sleep is Cool

Sleep deprivation has not only become common for the average university student, but also a weirdly admired norm. This isn't healthy, and it is definitely not cool.
Jan 12, 2018

Advice from a former AEO, HBA and now MSC student

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the time to submit your Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) application to Ivey.
Jan 9, 2018

Why Choose to be an Ivey AEO?

Choosing your soon-to-be university, program, and career direction may feel like you are determining your entire future.
Jan 2, 2018

Application Series 2017/2018

As a kid I have always loved to read. I devoured through stacks upon stacks of novels until one day, I tried my hand at writing. Soon after this, notebooks filled with journal entries and short stories began to invade my books.