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Alice (1)

Alice Peng

Year: AEO2

Program: Medical Sciences

Fun Fact: This past summer, I worked with mouse models in cancer research!

Extracurriculars: SickKids Club Western, Women in STEM, Women's Health Network)

Iulia (1)

Iulia Costache

Year: AEO2

Program: MIT

Fun Fact: I am terrified of ladybugs.

Extracurriculars: Tennis, writing, and photography

Kaamil (1)

Kaamil Quidwai

Year: AEO2

Program: BMOS

Fun Fact: I was a competitive swimmer for 8 years!

Extracurriculars: Faculty of Social Science Soph, Western Real Estate Club Member, Founder of No Shirt Sherlock (a customizable t-shirt business)

Priya (1)

Priya Chaudhari

Year: AEO1

Program: Social Sciences

Fun Fact: Flex Labreck is my idol.

Extracurriculars: Varsity women's field hockey, running and writing poetry

Ben (1)

Ben King

Year: AEO1

Program: BMOS

Fun Fact: I love music and have a record collection of over 150 records!

Extracurriculars: Resident's Council / Western CKI / PurpleSpur Society

Kathy (1)

Keyang Zhang (Kathy)

Year: AEO1

Program: MIT

Fun Fact: I love reading and watching movies! I made it a goal to try and watch a movie a day!

Extracurriculars: Uwo debate club, paper arts club, working at Indigo,

Kanica (1)

Kanica Thakur

Year: AEO1

Program: BMOS

Fun Fact: I know four languages!

Extracurriculars: Western Unicef, Western Ski and Snowboard Club

Christian (1)

Christian Nalli

Year: AEO1

Program: PPE/Econ major

Fun Fact: I have original music on Spotify, Apple music, and almost every other streaming platform!

Extracurriculars: Western Pre-Law Society, Italian club, Croatian club, Western real estate club, and I am looking into joining the choir.

Lara (1)

Lara Ramos

Year: AEO1

Program: BMOS

Fun Fact: I have lived in 3 different countries in 3 different continents!

Extracurriculars: Events Executive for Purple Hands, Western Marketing Association- General Member, Internal Events Executive for the Fashion & Lifestyle Society

Miriam (1)

Miriam Youssef

Year: AEO1

Program: BMOS

Fun Fact: I once made a 5-second cameo on the TV channel Treehouse as a child!

Extracurriculars: Western Capital Markets, Western Pre-Law Society, Lambton Hall Floor Rep

Nick (1)

Nick Zhang

Year: AEO1

Program: Engineering

Fun Fact: On some days, the time I spend listening to music is double the amount of time I sleep, and I sleep a lot.

Extracurriculars: Western Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club, Photographer, Creating a personal music blog, Personal side projects