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Meet Our Authors

AEO Onward Blog Co-Presidents


Ben King

Year: AEO2

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Extracurriculars: PurpleSpurSociety / CASIA Modelling / Faculty Soph

Fun Fact: I love live music - I've seen 6 shows this year!


Nick Zhang

Year: AEO2

Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON

Extracurriculars: I spend my spare time skiing, working part-time and sleeping.

Fun Fact: I taught myself how to ski two years ago and now I’m obsessed!

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Our Writers 2023-24

Annayu (1)

Anna Yu 

Year: AEO2

Hometown: Vancouver, B.C

Extracurriculars: UNICEF Western / Western Pre-Law Society / Western Political Science Association

Fun Fact: I have an astounding collection of Hello Kitty Merchandise.


Anusha Imam

Year: AEO1

Hometown: Milton, ON

Extracurriculars: Western Environmental Business / Western Indo-Canadian Students Association / My own nail business  / IRC

Fun Fact: I love music! I collect CDs and vinyls and go to every concert I possibly can.


Brooke Williams 

Year: AEO1

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Extracurriculars: Western Women in Leadership / UWO Dance Force / PBSN

Fun Fact: I started dancing when I was three!


Esra Osman

Year: AEO1

Hometown: Mississauga

Extracurriculars: Crafting for a Cure / Muslim Student Association / Moot Court

Fun Fact: I popped a part of my eardrum when I was 8 years old!


Owen Hu 

Year: AEO1

Hometown: Vancouver

Extracurriculars: Case competitions / Creative Writing / Semi-improvising on the piano

Fun Fact: I can guess Taylor Swift songs very, very quickly.


Priya Baliga

Year: AEO1

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Extracurriculars: Theatre Western USC / Penned by Western

Fun Fact: I have read the Percy Jackson books over 30 times a piece.


Rowen Uy

Year: AEO1

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Extracurriculars: Varsity Swim Team / Marching Band / MASC

Fun Fact: I have no sense of smell.


Nora Welsby

Year: AEO1

Hometown: King City, Ontario

Extracurriculars: Western Women in Leadership / Purple Spur Society

Fun Fact: My contribution to the economy is through my Tim Hortons bagel addiction.

Social Media Director


Kanica Thakur

Year: AEO2

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Extracurriculars: Social Science Soph / Dodgeball Intramurals / Intern for an Insurance Brokerage

Fun Fact: I’m a Lego enthusiast!

Social Media Managers


Kaylyn Bell

Year: AEO1

Hometown: Maple Ridge, B.C

Extracurriculars: Huron Student Council

Fun Fact: I love listening to music, gymnastics and playing volleyball.


Carina Choi

Year: AEO2

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Extracurriculars: I love to spend my free time playing volleyball, writing poetry and cross stitching!

Fun Fact: I have never broken a bone (knock on wood!)

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