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Bursaries are non-repayable grants based purely on financial need. Bursaries come from a special set-aside fund provided by Ivey. HBA students who are Canadian Citizens or permanent residents can apply for bursary assistance through Western in both HBA1 and HBA2. The bursary application takes into consideration the actual tuition costs of the HBA Program.

For the academic year 2016-17, Ivey provided $1.7 million in bursary assistance to students with financial need.

These bursaries are all administered by Western's Registrar's Office.

Western's Bursary Application

To apply for a bursary, you have to access the Financial Assistance application available through the Student Services website. Once you have logged in, select "MyPresent" and the Financial Assistance application will be under the heading "Financial Assistance".

Western reviews your application and determines your level of financial need.  If you have a specific question pertaining to your bursary contact

Please note there is not a separate Ivey bursary. Ivey provides Western with a set of special funds specifically for Ivey students.

Bursaries for 2nd Year Students

Bursaries are also available for 2nd year students. You can start applying for HBA 2 bursaries in late August.

Please note Western will notify you in November with an assessment, including bursary value. Your bursary in HBA2 is applied to your student account in late November.

The turnaround time for bursary assessment notification is approximately 4–6 weeks after submission.

Any questions pertaining to bursaries should be directed to or 519-661-2100.

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