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Tuition and Financing

Tuition and Expenses

An Ivey HBA is an investment in you, with outstanding personal and financial potential. For a comprehensive overview of the typical academic and living expenses of an Ivey HBA, please see:

Financing Your Ivey HBA Degree

The Ivey Financial Aid office is committed to helping you make informed decisions as you explore your financing options.

Scholarships and Awards

Ivey Business School provides scholarships for a number of our exceptional students, thanks to the generosity of individual, corporate and foundation donors.

Students are also encouraged to explore outside funding resources.

Scholarships and Awards


Bursaries are non-repayable grants based purely on financial need, administered from a special set-aside fund provided by Ivey.



Canadian citizens and permanent residents studying in the Ivey HBA program are eligible for student government assistance, repayable following graduation.

Private banking options are also available.


Financial Aid Counsellors

As an Ivey student, you have access to both the Financial Aid office at Ivey Business School and Western's Financial Aid Counsellors.

Western's Financial Aid Counsellors provide several services, including OSAP re-assessment, bursary application re-assessment, personal budgeting, emergency financial situations, and more. They are available to you throughout the duration of the program. Learn more at Western's Financial Aid website.

An Investment in You

An Ivey HBA is an outstanding investment.

Employment Post-Graduation

Graduates receiving employment offers within 3 months of graduation, with average compensation of $91,519.

Summer Employment for 1st Year Students

With an average weekly base salary of $1,227.

It is reported that 97% of the graduating class received offers of employment within three months of graduation, with an average total compensation of $91,519.*

HBA students have been very successful obtaining summer employment following their first year of studies. With coaching and support provided by Ivey's Career Management team, last year 94% of first year students received summer offers with an average weekly base salary of $1,227.*


*HBA 2022 (FT)/HBA 2023 Summer employment report

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