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Study Abroad in HBA2

As part of the HBA Program, HBA students may apply for the opportunity to spend a semester of their second year abroad (spring term).

Approximately 20-25% of students participate in an exchange program in their HBA2 year. Ivey students can learn about the International Exchange Program through information sessions during the school year and from students who are on exchange at Ivey.

Applications are submitted in HBA1, followed by an interview with the Exchange Selection Committee to determine students’ suitability for the program. Ivey students pay regular tuition fees through Western and are treated as if they have paid at the host exchange school.

There are other, short term courses that provide international experience as well. For example, in the past these have included a micro-financing project in Honduras; a business trip to Israel; and a service-learning opportunity in Africa.

Ivey students can participate in the exchange program at one of our 40+ different partner schools in Europe, Asia and South America.

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Eligibility Criteria

Students must maintain a minimum of 74% average in their HBA1 year to participate in the exchange program which will be reviewed in January (following the first semester at Ivey) and again in April (following the completion of year 1 at Ivey).

HBA2 students completing a dual degree program with one of our partnering faculties at Western University may participate in the HBA International Exchange Program and enroll in business-related courses provided they are able to meet all graduation requirements prior to studying abroad for a semester. It is recommended that dual degree students considering this option should meet with the Ivey HBA Academic Counsellor as well as the Academic Advisor/Counsellor for the specific faculty department at Western University as to the viability of this option.

Application Process

During their HBA1 year, students will learn about the opportunity to study abroad during a Special Opportunities Session in the Fall.

  1. In December-January, students will be required to complete an online application which includes selecting up to 5 potential business schools of interest from the list provided, short answer essay questions and uploading a current CV.
  2. Students will undergo a brief interview with a member of the selection committee.

Students are required to pay a non-refundable fee at both the application ($75.00 CDN) and acceptance ($125.00 CDN) stages of the exchange offering. Nominations to exchange partner schools typically occur during the Fall months for the following Winter (Spring) semester.

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