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Study at Ivey on Exchange

Each year Ivey Business School welcomes over 100 exchange students to our HBA program. Here are some helpful tips and resources for our visiting exchange students or those considering applying for an exchange.

Prepare to Study at Ivey

Ivey is famous for its practical, collaborative teaching approach. We rely extensively on the case method of study.

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Apply for an Exchange at Ivey

All students coming to Ivey on exchange must be selected and nominated by their home university to the Ivey Business School.

Nomination Process

In the Spring an email will be sent to Exchange Coordinators at partner schools with nomination instructions. Nominations are made through an online portal (link will be provided) requiring information to be uploaded for each student.

Fall, Full Year & Spring 
March 7, 2022 – May 2, 2022

Late Nominations (Spring only)
Late nominations are due by August 1, 2022

It’s best to have the majority of students nominated during the Spring to ensure they have the best selection of courses available. Late nominations may mean fewer desirable courses available to choose from.

Application Process

Following the nomination deadline, students will be contacted with instructions on completing the online application. This application form is used for administration purposes. It is not intended as an “application” to the HBA Exchange Program. You have been selected and nominated by your home school; therefore you are accepted to Ivey. 

Required Documents 

  • Online application form 
  • Transcript/grade report (electronic form accepted) 
  • Online biography (confirmation it has been completed)

Fall, Full Year & Spring
June 6, 2022

Late Nominations (Spring only)
Application deadline for late nominations is August 8, 2022

Course Selection (HBA2 Level)

A special session of course selection will be open to our Incoming Exchange Students with a select number of seats held for them in each class (except courses that are not permitted to be taken by exchange students).

We use a bidding system to select courses. Exchange students will receive 100 bid points.

English Proficiency

Students who are not native speakers of English must have English language proficiency equivalent to 250/100 TOEFL score.

Students are required to have this level of competency. Exchange students should be very comfortable communicating in English with speakers from many cultural backgrounds who may have a strong native accent. Quick comprehension and response in English is required to be successful in Ivey courses as this is a Case-Based learning environment. 

Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada can be an exciting experience. There's a lot to prepare for before you leave, and a lot to consider when you arrive.

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