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Ivey HBA Preparation: University Years 1 and 2

Your First Two Years

Going to university should be a broadening experience for any student. Begin your undergraduate degree exploring academic interests and finding new ones. Check out Western’s Degree to Career for more information on the various career paths your degree can take you on.

In your first two years, you can study in any faculty at either Western or another recognized university. This opportunity to learn and grow ensures you and your HBA classmates bring diverse and more experienced perspectives to your business education.

Ivey Business Courses for First and Second Year Students

At Western, pre-Ivey business courses are offered as electives to students in their first and second year. Business 2257 is the only required university course for entry into the Ivey HBA Program (equivalents are offered at most universities).

Business Administration 2257 Accounting and Business Analysis

Prerequisite for entry to Honors Business Administration. Course Divisions: (1) Financial Accounting - development of financial statements, and the assessment of their uses and limitations. (2) Business Analysis and Management Accounting - using case studies with an emphasis on smaller businesses, students learn various quantitative decision-making tools highlighted by an entrepreneurial feasibility study.

  • Prerequisite(s): Five courses at University level.
  • Extra Information: 3 lecture hours, 1.0 course.

Business 2257 or Equivalent Pre-requisite

All students who wish to pursue Ivey’s HBA Program must complete the Business 2257 course at Western or an approved equivalent from another recognized institution. If you are registered at Western or one of the Affiliated University Colleges (Brescia, Huron, King’s), it is expected that you complete Business 2257 rather than the equivalent courses at another university.

Business Administration 1220 - Optional

Business 1220 gives students from all faculties the opportunity to learn business fundamentals in finance, marketing, operations, organizational behavior and general management. The course is delivered using Ivey's renowned case method, which challenges students to learn by doing, within an active class environment of no more than 85 students. Students explore real business issues, make management decisions, defend their position, and take action. This course will be particularly appealing to those students who want a glimpse of Ivey's unique learning experience.

  • Antirequisite(s): Business Administration 2295F/G, 2299
  • Extra Information: 3 lecture hours, 1.0 course

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