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Engineering and Ivey

  • David Sprague
  • |
  • Nov 14, 2018
Engineering and Ivey

Hi everybody! My name is David Sprague and I am a first-year engineering and AEO student at Western. As students begin to prepare for university applications, I wanted to share my journey to Western and why I chose to pursue an Engineering and Ivey Business dual degree.

Why the Dual-Degree?

This time of year is particularly stressful for students who are just beginning their application process. The idea of finalizing your academic path seems surreal and exciting, but can also be incredibly intimidating.

During my final year of high school, I often found myself contemplating my future. I was a student who enjoyed all of the sciences and applied mathematics, yet I was incredibly passionate about business. I considered myself fortunate to have the ability to excel in many different areas of study while truly enjoying what I was doing. However, in many ways, my love of so many different subjects provided new challenges for me when applying to university. I struggled to eliminate subjects that I no longer felt I wanted to pursue. Therefore, I began researching programs where I did not have to choose.

Ultimately, my research led me here. I quickly realized that Western was the only university that allowed students to integrate one separate field of interest with a degree in business. I recognized that I wanted to become an engineer so I could combine my love of different sciences and mathematics. But once I realized I could combine my engineering degree with a business degree, I knew that my search for the perfect program was complete.


Looking beyond my ability to combine so many different interests, I also realized the opportunities that a dual-degree would provide. Combining a very analytical degree with another degree that relies heavily on communication and leadership is a rare combination that I believe needs to be more prevalent in society. In addition, I knew that learning business through Ivey’s case study method was not only going to be the most engaging learning experience, but also the most rewarding due to similar positive experiences in DECA and case study competitions.

Overall, I chose an engineering and business degree for its ability to combine all of my favourite fields of interest. Having the opportunity to pursue a career that keeps my doors open based on a learning style that I find most effective was a key factor in differentiating Western/Ivey from my other options.

What’s Your Impact?

While this was a small glimpse into my application process for university, it is important to keep in mind that everyone’s process is different. To all the students who are anxious and intimidated about university decisions, do not worry. The decision will come to you. But in the meantime, ask yourself what you want your impact to be. What drives you? If you recognize what you want your purpose to be, your answer will come sooner than you can hope.

Thank you very much for reading this post! If you have any questions regarding Western, its programs, or this article, I would be happy to answer any inquiries at