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Tackling the AEO Application

  • Tate Carman-Gardner
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  • Nov 8, 2018
Tackling the AEO Application

Growing up with parents who both went to Western, touring the campus and learning about the different programs, I knew Western University was the place for me. Primarily, I was drawn to the Media, Information and Technoculture program (MIT). MIT is a program that no other schools in Canada offer. It’s a program that studies the effects of media on society. The second thing that attracted me was the Ivey Business School as I believed it would be interesting to combine the studies of both media and business. I applied for AEO in grade 12 and wrote my application on the three most significant aspects of my life: competitive dance, hospital volunteering and being the head of the Peer Support program at my high school (a program in which older students work with younger students).

Focus on your passions

In regards to the essay component of the application, my tip is to write about experiences you are passionate about, that have played an important role in your life. This will give you the ability to add emotion and notable detail to your writing, giving your application more meaning. For example, consider writing about leadership roles or teamwork skills you have acquired. Moreover, understand that your activities do not need to be related to business. Try to consider the diversity of activities you have participated in, such as: clubs, sports, summer programs, jobs, camp or volunteer experience. Ensure these are activities you are actually committed to as you will need to provide references for each activity.  


The second tip I have is to allow someone to review your work. I had my guidance counsellor review my application before submitting it, giving her the chance to point out any spelling errors and sentences that could possibly be rephrased.

Don’t procrastinate

Finally, give yourself time to write the application. The application is complex in the sense that it includes various sections. It includes several components: activity descriptions, awards, additional activities, work experience, international experience and languages. I started my application in November and by doing so I had the ability to read through my essay responses multiple times and change any parts that I no longer liked or needed.

Since arriving...

Since being accepted to the MIT program and Ivey AEO, I have loved my experience at Western. I have made countless new friends and been given the opportunity to join a variety of clubs, such as the photography club and the flag football team. The freedom of choosing courses for first year has also been very exciting. I love all my courses and find myself extremely engaged in class. I believe Western University has something to offer everyone and I am so grateful to go to such a diverse and welcoming school.