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Change is challenge

  • Ben King
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  • Jan 30, 2023
Change is challenge

Our Community

How the IPC Smooths the Transition to Ivey.

One of the most shared concerns amongst prospective first-year students is the fear of acceptance. Embarking on the next chapter of life in a completely new setting with new rules, people, and expectations is no small task – add in a sprinkle of doubt plus a boatload of nerves, and a deadly concoction of apprehension is potently brewed. At least, that is how I felt on the drive up to London, Ontario at the start of the term. Luckily, I quickly adjusted and found communities that could support me, but when thinking about the future, my trepidation slowly started to creep its way back. What would happen in two years when, once again, I will be thrust into an entirely new setting with entirely new rules, people, and expectations?

Enter the Ivey Pride Club, also known as the IPC. I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Cole Aristone, co-president of IPC alongside Sophia Noguera. Aristone is in his second year of Ivey’s HBA program, previously studying BMOS with a specialization in finance. Aristone, interested in operations and commercial real estate, was able to quell my worries and walk me through what IPC is all about.

The Ivey Pride Club is a community-based club focused on supporting HBA students, while gifting career opportunities and working with faculty to create a culture of comfort within Ivey’s glass walls. IPC hosts Brave Space, occurring once a week to allow any student to access one-on-one support in a casual, safe manner. IPC is also a liaison between the administration and students, working closely with faculty on navigating queer and trans issues in the classroom. Additionally, the IPC has coordinated with the HBAA, Ivey’s student government, to participate in Toronto’s pride parade.

When asked why he decided to join the club and its importance to the HBA community, Aristone responded, “as a gay man entering Ivey, I wanted to stray away from specific recruiting clubs and find a space where I could feel most comfortable. It is really common for students to reenter the closet once arriving at Ivey because of the overwhelming amount of change, and IPC is the only club at Ivey that caters to the queer community. Connecting with students who share similar experiences was particularly helpful with making sure I fit into the larger Ivey community.”

“One of my favorite things about the IPC is the mentorship program offered to HBA students in the club. In HBA 1, where I was a general member of IPC, I was paired with my mentor, with whom I still have a lasting relationship and who I could lean on for support, day or night. Team socials also help solidify a safe atmosphere, which is integral to the success of any HBA student,” Aristone answered regarding his favourite thing about being a part of IPC.

The transition to Ivey may seem daunting – but the Ivey Pride Club has proven that there are spaces to help students undergo the change.