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Pharmed First Inc.

Authors: David Shaw, Elizabeth M. A. Grasby – Originally written by Kevin R. Higgins

The Pharmed First Inc. case illustrates an interpersonal conflict in a retail drug store chain. George Bremner, regional manager, has to decide how to handle a store manager, Angela MacFee, who has openly challenged his authority and questioned his decision making. The conflict arose over a recent customer complaint. Bremner was contemplating what action he should take to address what he views as insubordination, something he takes very seriously. The case also touches on employee evaluation, reward and motivation strategies.

Teaching Objectives

Pharmed First Inc. is written for an introductory undergraduate survey business course wherein organizational behavior is a module. The case illustrates a comprehensive senior manager/subordinate manager interpersonal conflict. Depending on when the course is taught in the module, students may be able to apply management style theories and concepts, such as organizational structure and design, organizational culture, situational leadership, effective leadership and motivation. If the case is used earlier on in the module, students should learn and understand that “doing the right thing” results in positive outcomes and that “doing the wrong thing” results in negative outcomes. Includes Case (A) and Case (B).

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Tags: Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

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