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Career Development and Focus

As an Ivey HBA student, you gain access to a wealth of resources to help you explore career options, choose a personalized career plan, and develop a job search strategy to get you there. Career readiness is an integrated part of the HBA curriculum. Ivey's Career Management team offers a variety of services, activities and events that will enable you to refine your job search skills and ensure that you are prepared for the job market.

Career Opportunities

Ivey HBAs are recruited into challenging roles, in a broad range of industries, by leading global organizations. Many Ivey graduates work in traditional areas like consulting, finance, accounting and marketing but some combine their first two years of university in another program with the leadership skills learned at Ivey to launch careers in areas like technology, the arts, non-profit organizations and health care.

International Opportunities

Ivey’s world-class reputation and extensive network of over 25,000 alumni in over 100 countries around the globe, opens many career doors outside of Canada. In a typical year, more than 10% of Ivey HBA students secure summer or full-time employment in an international location.

Personalized Career Services

Career Management is integrated into the HBA Year 1 curriculum. You will learn interview skills and how to develop a job search strategy to get you where you want to go. Ivey HBA students also have access to workshops by Ivey’s career management professionals and one-on-one coaching.

Find Your Career Focus

Summer internships are a great way to refine your career goals. Take advantage of the many challenging and relevant summer internship opportunities available to Ivey students between HBA Year 1 and HBA Year 2. For current Ivey HBA students, take advantage of Ivey’s career management professionals to help you focus your career goals and develop your personal strategy for achieving them.

Hiring and Salary Statistics

Ivey’s placement statistics are reported annually.