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The Ivey HBA Classroom Environment

The Ivey HBA is an integrated program, not a series of courses. At traditional business schools, you have a combination of courses, each with its own learning objective. At Ivey, you have three 80-minute blocks of class time each day. The different areas of content are then scheduled dynamically. This allows us to sequence learning as you need it so that all content is integrated. This flexibility also allows us to include content and events that are not part of a specific course.

When you join Ivey as an HBA, you join a section of approximately 75 students — the same students you will work with every day for the first year.

Even the classroom remains the same. With our high level of classroom interactivity, you get to know your classmates and your faculty well. Your faculty team works together to deliver a program experience that builds — class after class, day after day. As a team, they ensure that each student’s experience is both challenging and rewarding.

Outside of the classroom, you will continue to work with your classmates in study and discussion groups and on challenges like 48-Hour Reports.