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Case-Method Learning at Ivey HBA

Case-Method Learning

Experiencing over 400 real-world business cases will give you the knowledge, skills and judgment to perform at an entirely different level when you enter the workforce. Some traditional business schools use cases as exercises to support lectures and textbooks (in fact, many use Ivey cases), but Ivey is one of few undergraduate program in the world that is committed to the Case-Method of Learning. Instead of passively listening to lectures and taking notes, you dive into real issues, make and defend real decisions, feel the pressure and take action. Just like you would in a real business.

Learning Through Action

Ivey’s unique Learning Through Action course in HBA 1 challenges you with a series of business simulations of increasing complexity. These events ensure you get the opportunity and coaching you need to apply your learning in a real-world context.

Ethical Leadership

Woven throughout your courses at Ivey are opportunities to learn, understand and practice ethical leadership. In 2004, Ivey led the business school world with the adoption of the pledge you will take as an Ivey HBA student to act with the highest of ethical standards. To symbolize this pledge, on graduation you will receive your Ivey ring from an Ivey alumnus or alumna who will witness your pledge and welcome you to the Ivey Alumni Network.

Ivey Field Project

Client Consulting Project

The feedback from organizations who participate as clients in this team-based consulting and strategy project is exceptional. Your team is matched with an Ivey Executive-in-Residence who will coach you through this real-world consulting experience. You also participate in workshops with top consulting companies to learn how to execute a project of this magnitude.

New Venture Project

This entrepreneurial, team-based field project matches you with an Ivey Entrepreneur-in-Residence who mentors your team through the development of a new venture. You will learn to write a compelling business plan and present a pitch to an external review panel.