Top of the Class Academics

You will be placed in a class of students with exceptional work and life balance. Your peers have "top of the class" academic records from over 30 different academic programs around the globe. But it's not just about grades.


Only at Ivey is leadership achievement outside of the classroom as important to our selection process as academic achievement. Ivey HBAs have demonstrated leadership in extracurricular activities, made inspiring commitments to their communities, proven experience performing in teams and exceptional communication abilities.


20-30% of students in your class are from outside of Ontario, and many have had impressive international experiences. This geographic diversity, together with the diversity of academic programs, enriches your learning experience. You and your classmates will share an energetic approach to learning and life that is a defining characteristic of the Ivey HBA.


Elliot KulachCullan LiangTom GraingerKaren YuAqsa MianCraig MartinXiaoya XuKevin HsiehHarrison ReillyHenry ChoiRafaella RosenbergAnna Maria ScoulosAdrian NoronhaMaddy HughesLauryn MurphySpencer Christiansen


Daniela ChangZoe WoodsKaiz AlarakyiaTodd BlythNicole DeeNicholas ZeebRyan ShannonEmmy PullenLauren JarvisClarissa CampoliMichelle ChenJonathon BarbaroEmily GoadRaheel JariwallaHannah Baker