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BSV hosts the Network for Business Sustainability, a trailblazing organization that bridges the gap between research and practice. For more than a decade, it has facilitated knowledge sharing across an international community of business leaders, scholars and students.

NBS has worked with hundreds of experts to build a unique repository of over 900 resources. These resources are used by over 40,000 individuals worldwide on a monthly basis, providing high-quality content that enables practical action on cutting-edge sustainability topics. NBS’s resources are organized around six key sustainability topics, called “Knowledge Hubs.” The Knowledge Hubs centralize resources, collaboration, and community around issues that are essential to sustainable development.

In the future, NBS will build focus on deepening its relationships with the community it serves, so it can better facilitate collaborative action toward systems change. Knowledge Hubs provide a focus for this kind of collective energy and exchange.

For more details on the Network for Business Sustainability, and to learn more about how its work can benefit your research or your business, visit their website.

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Businesses need access to rigorous, relevant research to support their decisions and actions, and researchers need to understand real-world business challenges to ask relevant questions. NBS aims to shape management practice and research with the resources it produces and the dialogue it facilitates.

NBS By the Numbers

Resources (including videos, blogs, podcasts, and reports)

Followers learning to make business more sustainable

Sustainability centres contributing their knowledge and expertise

Knowledge Hubs

For Students

For Students

Are you a student who believes that business can – and must – commit to sustainability? Are you writing papers or doing projects related to sustainable business?

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For Researchers & Educators

Are you a researcher or educator who studies and teaches sustainable business? Do you believe that research can — and should — create real-world impact?

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For Business Leaders

Are you a business leader who believe that businesses must commit to sustainability? Do you want to improve your knowledge and practice related to sustainable business?

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For Public Sector

Sustainability won't succeed without the involvement of every sector of society. The public sector — government and non-governmental organizations — plays a vital role. 

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For Sustainability Centres

Do you manage a business sustainability centre housed at a university? Is your centre teaching, conducting research, and working with industry to make social and environmental change?

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Learn the Basics

What is Business Sustainability? How can we take action towards a more environmentally sound future? “The Basics” series provides essential knowledge about core business sustainability topics.

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Do you manage a business sustainability centre housed at a university? Join the Sustainability Centres Community (SCC)!

You'll be part of a network of nearly 200 business school sustainability centres from around the world. The Sustainability Centres Community is an engaged, virtual community of Centre leaders who share best practices through virtual collaboration and in-person events.

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