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MSc Graduate Diploma in Business & Sustainability

Graduate Diploma in Business and Sustainability

The Ivey MSc Graduate Diploma in Business and Sustainability responds to seismic changes currently underway that are rapidly transforming the importance of sustainability for business. Sustainability and social responsibility now need to be at the core of an organization’s strategy and value creation model, and fully integrated across all elements of the organization and its supply chain. These changes fundamentally expand the knowledge and skills required for future leaders to succeed.

The diploma focuses not only on building technical skills linked to the market demand, but also encouraging the development of broader perspectives of sustainability as a holistic systems agenda incorporating environmental, social, and economic dimensions. Building these wider, interdisciplinary perspectives will not only enhance the ability of graduates to deploy their technical skills effectively but will enable them to be responsive and effective in the context of the continually-evolving business and sustainability agenda.

Program Delivery

The Ivey MSc Graduate Diploma is delivered using Ivey’s case study method, workshops and extracurricular activities.

The diploma is offered to those already enrolled in the Master’s of Science in Management (MScM) and is an add-on to the MScM program, to be completed concurrently within the chosen stream.

Core Courses:

Practitioner-led Practicums:

  • ESG Reporting & Auditing (mid-September)
  • Social and Community Engagement & Social Impact Assessment (mid-October)
  • Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Accounting (mid-November)

Required Elective Courses (select one):

Program Fee:

  • $5000 charged at the beginning of the program.

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