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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Our Team


Anderson Bob Bio

Bob Anderson

Professor of Business, Economics and Public Policy, Strategy & Sustainability

Public Policy, Statistics, Survey Methods, Political Economy, Inequality, Diversity and Inclusion, Cross-national differences in Values and Behaviours

diane-laure arjalies

Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Associate Professor of Managerial Accounting and Control

Responsible investment, social change triggers through financial markets, non-financial reporting and sustainable management control systems, and corporate social responsibility strategies.


Tima Bansal

Professor of General Management

Short-termism, sustainable development, intergenerational equity, organizational scale, innovation, and international business


Oana Branzei

Professor of Strategy

Social enterprise, social innovation, social agency, cross-sector partnerships, and systemic change

De Gannes Nadine 2018 500X680 Bio

Nadine de Gannes

Assistant Professor, Managerial Accounting and Control

Executive compensation, executive pay consulting, corporate governance

Jury Gualandris

Jury Gualandris

Associate Professor of Operations Management & Sustainability

Evolving structures and governance of supply chains, environmental and social sustainability through innovation


Robert D. Klassen

Professor of Operations Management

Environmental management in operations, green supply-chain management, social issues in operations, health & safety, and process improvement

Deishin Lee

Deishin Lee

Associate Professor of Operations Management & Sustainability

Sustainable operations, supply chain management, operations strategy

Li Frank

Zhichuan (Frank) Li

Associate Professor, Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions, Behavioural Finance, Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation, Empirical Corporate Finance, Financial Analysts, Corporate board, Financial Data and Programming, Managerial Incentives, Managerial Performance Evaluation, Chinese Markets

Wren Montgomery

Wren Montgomery

Assistant Professor of Sustainability & General Management

Organization theory, water crises & management, greenwashing, environmental & social entrepreneurship

Najjar Nouri 2018 500X680 Bio

Nouri Najjar

Assistant Professor, Business, Economics, and Public Policy

Environmental economics, applied econometrics, applied microeconomics, environmental policy

Nguyen Jason Bio 2021

Jason Nguyen

Assistant Professor, Operations Management & Sustainability

Sustainable Supply Chain, Behavioral Operations Management, Game Theory, Energy Efficiency

Patel Saurin 2018 500X680 Bio

Saurin Patel

Associate Professor, Finance

Empirical Asset Pricing, Mutual Funds & Hedge Funds, Organizational Structure, Behavioural & Forensic Finance


Gal Raz

Associate Professor of Operations Management and Associate Dean, Research

Supply-chain management, sustainable operations, environmental and social impact of remanufacturing strategies, environmental innovation, environmental regulations, and life cycle environmental design

Ghaddar Bissan Bio 2017 500X680

Bassan Bhaddar

Associate Professor, Management Science & Sustainability

Operations Research, Optimization, Non-linear Optimization, Smart Cities, Energy Networks, Transportation Networks, Water Networks, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics