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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

Photos and Feedback

"It's the transformational experience in my scholarly journey."
Fang He, School of Business,
George Washington University

"I had begun to feel that I couldn't move forward in the field because my work was not close enough to the discourse others were having. The feedback I got encouraged me and drove me back into the academic herd. It was exciting."
Alison Kemper, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Alison -Kemper2

"The academy was very rich. We had great opportunities to discuss our work and seek guidance from top faculty in our area. Truly speaking, the academy helped me to develop a good paper from my weak and confused thoughts."
Omer Farooq, University of Paul Cezanne

"The PhD Sustainability Academy will be a cornerstone moment in your PhD journey. You will meet faculty who are devoted to pass on crucial tricks of trade that promotes and facilitates discovery of your personal meaning of ideas - whether you present early or advanced research. Your sense of candor and self-evaluation as an academic will be deeply simulated through the invaluable paper review work-sessions and the other scholar developing activities. And, you will meet likeminded, friends, and be inspired to continue research on sustainability matters."
Karin Stzeletz Ivertsen, Copenhagen Business School


"This event is a must attend. It offers an opportunity to engage with high quality scholars over an extended period of time and to build a community of peers that will both have profound impacts for years to come."
Brent McKnight, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario


"The Ivey Sustainability Academy provided an excellent introduction into a new global community of practice. I felt so fortunate to be involved, invigorated by the discussions, genuinely encouraged by both students and faculty and energized by everything I took away. Thanks so much for a wonderful opportunity."
Patricia J. Misutka, School of Business,
University of Alberta